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member bio :: Sovereign's bio
Based in Los Angeles, Cletus Nelson records industrial music under the monikor of Sovereign.
posted by: Sovereign on 2007-06-01 23:28:26

Voidstar Productions, besides being a music label and live event production company, is also an artistic collective. Artists within [continued]
posted by: Nau-Zee-auN on 2007-05-29 08:56:32

distribution / mailorder :: The Voidstore
Online music store stocking industrial, powernoise, power electronics, noise, i.d.m., breakcore, ambient, experimental and other. Over 100 independent labels, [continued]
posted by: Nau-Zee-auN on 2007-05-29 08:47:23

member bio :: Amduscias's bio
My name is Tom And A member of the Dark Ambient Project Turmoil. I run a Net Label with my wife [continued]
posted by: Amduscias Records on 2007-05-22 18:17:51

distribution / mailorder :: Online store
A.R.I. Distribution now sells online at We carry the following labels: DSBP HYPERVOXX OSIRIS TELEGRAMMETRY More labels to [continued]
posted by: Telegrammetry on 2007-05-13 11:49:57

member bio :: ANIMAL MACHINE's bio
grinding drum loops overlain by harsh vocals and abrassive industrial-dance sound or noise freedom.
posted by: ANIMAL MACHINE on 2007-04-20 13:27:29

Montreal, Quebec Canada TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT were form in 2006 by Julien Berthier on drums and electronics, Gilles Maillet on guitar and [continued]
posted by: grenade on 2007-04-19 10:43:35

member bio :: feltz's bio
Montreal, Québec, Canada Maude P. Felx (Voice, clarinet) Felix-Antoine Morin (Bass-guitar+machines) Manuel Bisson (Drum, Voice) [continued]
posted by: feltz on 2007-04-17 15:57:16

Takkeherrie Recordings is an internet label for copyleft free sounds. All releases ar free to downloud. (T.R.01)Ruby - brainsharing (harsh breakcore) (T.R.02)Rypher [continued]
posted by: Takkeherrie Recordings on 2007-04-06 17:21:04

member bio :: what?'s bio
Nine Inch Nails on sunday 8th april!
posted by: what? on 2007-04-02 11:01:38

member bio :: holyrodent's bio
Performs under the name WARNING BROKEN MACHINE. WBM is the solo experimental sound project of Don Haugen. Based in Eugene, [continued]
posted by: holyrodent on 2007-03-17 22:06:29

member bio :: Ominous's bio
A source of dark music.
posted by: Ominous on 2007-03-15 12:04:40

member bio :: dj_moondancer's bio
posted by: dj_moondancer on 2007-03-11 22:31:19

distribution / mailorder :: minimamedia
Dear music maniacs! The vinyl / CD store minimamedia is now online! minimamedia is a new store for [continued]
posted by: music on 2007-03-06 05:56:20

member bio :: cop.kill's bio Here for good experimental industrial music and thats final.
posted by: cop.kill on 2007-03-02 14:39:23
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