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Industrial musician in Albuquerque New mexico. Guitar player and singer for Gnarly Slur. I composed all the music for projects Gnarly slur and Lysergick. Started off with a fostex 4 track a peavey fx strip a cheap casio keyboard a cheap guitar and a zoom fx petal back in 1999. Now with a Roland vs2400 with all the add-ons, Reason 4, Focusrite preamps and Boss guitar petals. I create industrial/rock/metal. And we(gnarly slur) play live in albuquerque at some of the best nightclubs and bars in town. "like" us on facebook to get updates on our music. Discription: marilyn manson in a spineshank mosh pit while orgy crowd surfs on top of nin.
posted by: Gnarlyslur on 2011-09-28 07:27:49
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