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DJ Robot Citizen:
- DJ and organizer of hundreds of nightclub events and band concerts as well as radio shows. Refer to:
- Record producer and manager of the music label - main genres being: Electro Synth Punk, Industrial Rock, Darkwave, Electronica, Post-Punk, EBM, Intelligent Electronic Dance Music (IDM / EDM), Cyber Goth, Aggrotech, Glitch Hop, Noise Pop, Witch House and Protest Songs...
- Creator and curator of: http://AustralianGothicIndustrialMusic.c... - features and links to 1000s of songs by 100s of bands and artists (from Australia & New Zealand) who produce dark alternative gothic industrial & electronica related music styles.
- Musician and noise-maker for several music projects including:
::: EYE
::: E.L.F.
::: AYA -

posted by: robotcitizen on 2016-06-17 20:27:21
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