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Location :: radio show :: g :: Gothic and Industrial channels at
United States radio show :: Gothic and Industrial channels at :: URL (offsite) / AOL Music / Radio@Netscape
24/7 / AOL Music / Radio@Netscape:This is the worlds largest Internet music service were you can find 175 specialty channels that all run 24/7 for free. The Gothic and the Industrial channels each have a rotation of approximately 1,300 songs with a dedicated weekly listening audience of nearly 200,000. Each channel consumes the newest cutting edge bands as well as many of the more popular favorites that are updated and maintained regularly. For more an extensive overview of this service and my other DJ activities at KFJC and local clubs please go to I am always looking for new bands to add so please feel free to contact me personally.
posted by: Solomon Grundy on 2004-09-17 17:53:53
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