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Location :: radio show :: l :: Le Vestibule
Canada radio show :: Le Vestibule :: URL (offsite)

(The radio show Le Vestibule is on a temporary break. I am now cohosting
the radio show Audiomatique (

Radio show "Le Vestibule"
hosted by Jean-Francois Fecteau

Every Saturday night from 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. (Listen live at or

on CFOU 89,1 FM

Listen to my radio show Archives at or at

Become a fan of Le Vestibule on Facebook :




I am the host of the radio show entitled "Le Vestibule" specialized in all the genres that are a part of the Electronic and Alternative music scenes, and that is airing every Saturday night from 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M., on the University of Trois-Rivieres radio station CFOU 89.1 FM.

CFOU 89,1 FM started to air in September 1997, and since then it has filled a huge gap in the cultural landscape by being very diversified and avant-gardist in its approach. My radio show "Le Vestibule" has been a part of CFOU's programmation since the very beginning, and my only goal is to continue to present to the 300 000 potential listeners that CFOU 89,1 FM can reach (and that's not counting the ones we can reach on the cable and through the Internet), the most original and creative music made in the field of electronic and gothic music. My only desire is to educate the listeners and make them realize that there is alot of incredible music that is made away from the usual commercial path of creation. My humble role is to be the link between the crowds and the bands, by diffusing the music and talent of artists who are really forging the musical evolution with their audacity and originality.

Here are the radio station coordonnates:

CFOU 89,1 FM

programmation director: Alain Lefebvre
Phone:(819) 376-5184

Fax:(819) 376-5239

Web site:

If you are interested to contact me:

Jean-Francois Fecteau
Le Vestibule
4118, côte Rosemont
Trois-Rivieres (Quebec) G8Y 0A5
E-Mail: jean.francois.fecteau [at] gmail [dot] com
posted by: Fec on 2004-09-17 17:53:53
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