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Australia radio show :: S.I.N.G.E.D. Radio
Playlist for 2015-02-26 of S.I.N.G.E.D. (Radio Show 2XX 98.3fm Canberra, Australia): - Continuum - neurosis * # - The [continued]
posted by: robotcitizen on 2015-03-09 22:54:17

Germany radio show :: Schockwellen
every monday: 10.30pm until midnight (mesz - Berlin) if you are in New York - tune in at 4.30pm if you are [continued]
posted by: Bunkerelektronik on 2009-05-23 18:07:24

SCHOCKWELLEN by BUNKERELEKTRONIK -electro-industrial-neofolk-experimental-avantgard e please tune in to my new radio-show "SCHOCKWELLEN" every wednesday from 8 to 10 [continued]
posted by: Bunkerelektronik on 2007-06-25 04:53:46

Schockwellen now on monday... interested in good electronic industrial music? tune in to the Schockwellen at Radio-Decoder. every [continued]
posted by: Bunkerelektronik on 2009-05-15 07:12:23

Italy radio show :: Shades cast no shadows
Ekleipsi Netlabel Episodes We bring you a mix of Ekleipsi net-label newest releases in a fast and easy way! Browse our podcast [continued]
posted by: ekleipsi on 2008-01-07 01:41:45

United States radio show :: Shaving the Donkey
DJ :: Kevin
KUCR 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Saturdays A subversive blend of inDuStRiaL nOiZe, eXpeRImenTaL excUrSions, SooTHiNG synTHpop, etHereal aMbiEnt bliSS, and the occasional gothygloom track. A [continued]
posted by: roadpig on 2004-09-17 17:53:53

United States radio show :: Sonar Map Radio Program
KWVA 88.1 FM Eugene, Oregon In Both Holes 7pm - 9pm (pst) every Tuesday Just left of Jesus on your Radio dial. In [continued]
posted by: holyrodent on 2005-01-04 21:21:49

Canada radio show :: Soundscapes
SOUNDSCAPES is a wide spectrum music show Wednesday 5am-6am GMT. Listen at: Tune in - Submit [continued]
posted by: Jean on 2004-12-31 11:11:26

radio show :: stiletto

posted by: Neshamah on 2005-03-27 22:06:51

Germany radio show :: Suicide Radio
DJ :: Suicide
Alone? Depressed? Don't suffer in silence. Suffer listening to Suicide Radio! Suicide Radio plays dark and pounding beats. Your favorite goth, industrial, [continued]
posted by: suicide on 2007-07-10 21:01:23
1 Total Records: 10