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Location :: playlist :: @ :: 2006-05-27
playlist :: 2006-05-27 :: URL (offsite)

PLAYLIST of the 462nd radio show « Le Vestibule »
May 27, 2006 from 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.
on CFOU 89.1 FM

1) No-Man: “Heaven Taste (Edit)” (HIDDEN ART RECORDINGS)

2) Angelspit: “Vena Cava” (ANGELSPIT)

3) Red Eye Express: “Aqua” (TEMPEST RECORDINGS)

4) Saul Stokes: “Far Away, Further” (THE FOUNDRY)

5) Amish Rake Fight: “Artist With A Thompson” (POSITRON! RECORDS)

6) Radio Massacre International: “Trident” (DIN)

7) Voice of Cod: “We Are Free” (ORGANIC RECORDS)

8) Clan of Xymox: “Calling You Out” (XYMOX CONTROL/METROPOLIS)

9) Jette-Ives: “Darker Than You” (OVA RECORDS)

10) Encoder: “The Killer’s Last Stand (Instrumental Version)” (DSBP)

11) Philosophy Major: “Those From Outside Are Breaking Through”

12) Social Interiors: “Shroud Of Doubt” (ENDGAME RECORDS)

13) Mimetic Collective: “Mimetic L’Ombre” (URGENCE DISK RECORDS)

14) Fila Brazillia: “The Sheriff” (TWENTYTHREE RECORDS)

15) Nebula-H Featuring Pangea: “Andalusion” (URBCOM MUSIC)

16) Curve: “Weekend” (CURVE/CHRYSALIS)

17) Radiohead: “Morning Bell/Amnesiac” (PARLOPHONE)

Jean-Francois Fecteau
posted by: Fec on 2006-05-28 12:01:52
view: other playlist entries posted by Fec