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Dark Intentions has rapidly become my favorite industrial club night in eastern Massachusetts. Although it is dependent on who is DJ'ing, 4 out of 5 of their residents will spin hard powernoise, older industrial and i.d.m. downtempo hybrids like Gridlock and Architect in sets that can leave me destroyed from dancing so much... which is a far cry from the average industrial club night that spins primarily watered down futurepop, electroclash, the latest Madonna and Marylin Manson hit and an occassional moldy oldy off Wax Trax or Metropolis.

That said the bar tenders are gorgeous (it shouldn't be the reason to go but it deserves mentioning), the crowd is fun, and the regulars are saturated with enjoyable non-clique people who like to talk dance and meet new people. A sub-cultural breath of fresh air.
posted by: Nau-Zee-auN on 2006-03-29 11:10:52
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