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Location :: DJ :: s :: Sawtooth
United States DJ :: Sawtooth :: URL (offsite)

Sawtooth is a DJ from the New England Area by way of Lowell, Massachusetts, specializing in EBM/Industrial/Goth dance music, but also venturing into the areas of house, drum n bass, trance, breakbeat, and big beat. Sawtooth has DJd at numerous basement/underground parties around the Massachusetts area, and has opened and headlined at various New England Goth/Industrial Nights, including Resurrection, Phantasm, and Infamy.

Sawtooth is also an independent producer of electronic music, having produced numerous electronic albums, produced remixes for the likes of ThornBrain, MrSimon, The Bynars, and various others, and is a former member of the online electronic musician collective BreakBit.
posted by: Sawtooth on 2014-07-14 20:06:56
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