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comment :: SD Blackouts guitar pickups
has anybody tried these out? I just bought Blackout-1 for my old Ibanez EX (I plan on upgrading to a better guitar eventually) and put it in the bridge. I also ordered a blackout single coil for the neck position. Unfortunately there is no guitar center close by so I was not able to play these pickups first but I am hoping I made a good decision.

Any opinions on how they sound? I dont expect them to sound exactly like EMG 81 or 85, though I know those are awesome pickups. I know some people still prefer EMGs, but some of the reviews of the blackouts convinced me to get one of those instead.

I am going to be playing these in a cheap Peavey 30 wat Vypyr, which seemed like the best deal for my limited income right now.

One thing I was curious about is whether I should have gone with a different neck pickup, as I do play a lot of melodic and dark folk music as well as industrial rock and industrial dance music.

I guess I will find out soon enough, but I still have an opportunity to switch out the neck pickup before I spend money altering my guitar to play actives.

Does anyone have any experience with these pickups, and specifically mixing these pickups in the bridge with other actives in the neck?
posted by: Nick_Djinn on 2010-01-22 07:06:56
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comment :: re: SD Blackouts guitar pickups
Everyone here is a fucking asshole. Answer my question before the world ends or die.
posted by: Nick_Djinn on 2011-02-19 05:18:31
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comment :: re: SD Blackouts guitar pickups
Nick, if you haven't noticed, this board isn't the most active anymore. I haven't tried the pickups, but I'm sure there's plenty of sites with reviews, and probably some videos on youtube with them...
posted by: Royce Icon on 2011-04-06 22:13:48
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