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I'm the leader of a noise unit based out of Los Angeles called Crowhurst.

We're currently working on releasing an album a month, if not more! The sounds range from everything from dark ambient, drone, harshnoise, power electronics, industrial and free jazz. Our records have been released by labels such as Sounding Session, Exquisite Morbidity and Feral Fang.

Our newest release is entitled There Is No Hope Here, a power electronics/drone LP featuring Corey Fruin, Jay Gambit, Ed Goodfriend and JC Friedman.

"...It's pretty damn incredible. And when I say incredible, I mean it... I hit play, and my ass was IN THE SEAT for the duration. All the tracks leading up to TINHH were really dynamic and all had different feels, and then the title track was completely enthralling without ever getting repetitive or tedious. Good show... -Florida Noise Ordinance"

Go to to stream it now and check it out on cassette from Feral Fang Media this summer, and download the rest of the Crowhurst discography in MP3 or FLAC for free at
posted by: jaygambit on 2012-03-12 22:09:53
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