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comment :: Mental D-struction_Leben Uber Alles (New EP)
"Impressiv journey in the deep feeling of being an universal element. Mutation of matter. This EP, palpably built with atmospherical soundscapes and industrial experimental break rythms will bring you in a hight phenomenal dimension.
Darkest days are now behind, allowing us a futuristic present with more light and faith. Cleaning the shadows of our past, Connecting the Ancients with present." CPG
Mental D-struction
>>>Leben Uber Alles - The Alchemists Prophecies

XXXX 1. Erase
XXXX 2. Fuck U All
XXXX 3. Nothing Begins At Zero
XXXX 4. The 5th Dim

Artwork by Ash

Co-released on NKS, Splatterkore & Night Terror
Recordings. October 2013, Copyleft BYNCND.



Mental D-struction

NKS International


Night Terror Recordings

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comment :: re: Mental D-struction_Leben Uber Alles (New EP)
You do realize that "Mental Destruction" is a seminal industrial act on Cold Meat Industries right dating back to at least 1989?

posted by: moron on 2013-10-30 00:45:02
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1 Total Records: 2