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review :: Royce Icon

If you've been looking for a kickass freeware app that will let you make dorky old school videogame sounds, this is the soft synth for you. Overall, Cbasicore64 is really simple. It comes with basically 3 synth tones and some beat sounds, and it also has some delay and modulation effects as well. The interface is a Reasonish grid sequence structure, where you just put the notes wherever you want them to go and press play. It's very easy to use. Another cool thing about is that there is also a simple videogame intergrated into it too, so you can play that while you record, and sample it if you want to, which adds to it's overall dorky-coolness.

I have to stress though, that as simple as this thing is, you can do a decent amount with it. The most obvious usage for it is obviously to make 8bit or 16 bit atari sounds (you can choose between either when you record), but you can also make some cool IDM stuff, as well as ambient or noise stuff. You just have to experiment with things a bit.

This isn't the most powerful piece of gear on the planet, sure, but it's one of the stronger and more original pieces of freeware I've come by. And it works for both PCs and Macs, which gives it extra points. Check this thing out, you'll have fun with it for sure.
posted by: Royce Icon on 2007-05-13 20:43:58
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