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Location :: press release :: e :: ESCAPE INTO OBLIVION NOISE COMPILATION


We are looking for artists interested to be a part of 'Escape into Oblivion' compilation. An underground label based in the slum areas of Manila will be instigating its first release. The main objective is to merge East & West noise, industrial, dark ambient, avant punk, harsh/power electronics & experimental inflicted elements into a single package. Hoping to cultivate and affluence new form of art that is deranged for most people-as well as to provide commonality (external of the parameters) of the inter-physical dimensions: within the realm of art sporting themes of tragedy, death, desolation as well as the venture to dark corners of the mind & beyond expressed by the medium of sound. (well, you get the idea..)

Modes of participation:

Send us a link, of audio file via email or specify which track to download in your website.

For those who want to consider submitting a copy (though it would not be returned) in the mail, try
Attn: NIL C/o # 7 Dr Tinio Subd. Guinayang San Mateo, Rizal 1850 Philippines

On Contributing: tracks, not less than 60 sec. or not more than 15 mins (that’s too long already) are preferred
No goth (& goth influence esp incorporated with metal) or racist bullshit. Rants, artwork & poetry are accepted (but no guarantee for inclusion in the final product.

Release date: Nov 23 2006 (or even sooner provided with the completion of: 15-35 participants)

All participants have the right to distribute the release in their own area to ad infinitum. We retain no Copyright policy. Philippines release however, will be in CDR format, hand numbered, the first edition limited to 60 copies. (Those who contribute sole or intended only to be featured on this comp are entitled to a copy of the hand numbered release) 'Escape into Oblivion' is a one time only project. There’s no volume two or three.. no sequel to this madness- only a paradox to a haywired circuitry that will remain true to its form.

Thanks! [Mark] & [Nil] & the rest….
Please send us an email: or
posted by: markoath on 2006-08-02 05:17:39
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