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Slovenia press release :: GEN 26 :: URL (offsite)

GEN 26

Matjaz here.

Well, with slovenian noise 'scene' is like this...
There is no scene, just few big enthusiasts into doing
noise/experiment with sounds.

There were few names back in the 80s into noise, such
as Mario Marzidovsek. In the beginning of 90s there
was one project called KAOTICEN STRAH V LASTNEM KROGU
SE VRTEC (=chaotic fear spinning in its own circle),
but never made it further than 1 demo tape.

Noise deveopled through DIY activism, mostly though
punk-HC & especially with tape culture. I can say
ABNORMAL TAPES is one of the pioneers of the noise
culture, and especially with releasing international
bands in Slovenian land. There were few other tape
labels in 90s in Slovenia, releasing
noise/experimental tapes/CDRs, but not many - very
good one was/is DEBILA RECORDS from Brezice (=city
on south of Slovenia). So...

Around 2000 a group of enthusiasts started
organisation DRMK (=Drustvo za razvoj mladinske
kulture, in english=collective for development of
youth culture), where they did 1st ever Noise festival
in Slovenia & they've done it every year - it was 2 or
3 day festival! It's first ever festival of this kind
of music in this part of Europe!

Unfortunately DRMK faces big financial problems, as
their support of city of Ljubljana was cut this year &
they are on 0 with money for next NF.

On Noise festival there was every year at least one
band, project into noise/experimental vein from
Slovenia, but many of them existed only for the Noise
festival. Nevertheless, bands as AMPER-O-MAT (from
Celje, I think since 2001), GEN 26 (since 2002), SIST
EN 343 (since 1999), MINIMAL BASTARD (since 2002; this
guy is active since 1989!),
etc., exist for few years now & are one of the rare,
but somehow special in keeping 'noise' alive. Other
remabkable projects were HRUKI & KUNSTL project, DECA
DEBILANE (not really noise band, but loud, depressive
and noisy!), DOG EAT HOT DOG, etc.

These days you can rarely hear/attend a noise concert,
if there is one, it is mostly organised by DRMK. You
can not hear noise on radio except on the open-minded
radio called Radio student in Ljubljana.

Rest is up to individuals.

And why not.

Here is web-site of DRMK in case you're into checking
it out (it hasn't been updated for a while, but

More about me on my personal web-site (link is below).

For any questions - feel free to e-mail!

All the best,



Last two still available releases of GEN 26 and SIST
EN 343:

GEN 26 'BLN' 3'' CD-R (released in 2005)
SIST EN 343 '40W' CD-R (released in 2002)
posted by: moron on 2005-10-19 09:27:08
view: other press release entries posted by moron