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Switzerland press release :: RECORDINGS FOR THE SUMMER



bad english in 10/2005

with new releases from:

rfts nr.141
kummieband & glebstoff: des.herzens.wegen cassette
cassette 25 minutes

this is a very long collage full of loud scraping
sounds, back to so called old schooll noise this time.
small contact microphones on pedals slowley walking
over sheet metal again and again, to say thank you to
marie & micha. a dedication in friendship and maybe
the loudest love song you have ever heard. wrapped in
handmade wall-paper object, painted in black with
silicon and plastic cable plus cloth inside. already
sold out! but the track will re-released the next
months on rfts. edition of 6 only love no money here!


rfts nr.149
cassette 60 minutes

blank, is a reconstructed collage using the orginal
sounds from the 2002 master mixing in new way incl.
short tracks i build in the last months, wild, fresh
and concentrated with all that spirit of the new
century (...).
nothing, contains recordings from 2002 in berlin.
walking and singing on big streets near my old flat,
together with cars and dogs and people beside me.
then, a stereo scraping noise track and hard to listen
to endless loud broken recordings. then back again to
small sounds with tin can and less voice. richard
ramirez & scott houston's: occupied riot
station-project is also somewhere in the tape with a
12 minutes track using sheet metal and guitar. very
direct recording straight to the point, not that wall
of noise like his solo stuff . this tape is a
composition of found and field recordings, shortys,
noises and broken sounds. wrapped in green handmade
cardboard bag with stamps and oiled paper.
edition of 22
8 euro

rfts nr.152
cassette, 20 minutes

small sound sculptures. mostly recordings from
private room
installations. stay how it is or reconstructed with
modern equitment. maybe near to crawl unit or small
cruel party? who knows ... wrapped in oiled paper with
black and white paintings and foil. small but looks
very nice!
edition of 12
6 euro

rfts nr.153
objekt mit kassette.
cassette 30 minutes

again and again, harsh noise recordings from the
archive. here are 3 recordings in different outfit.
sometimes very scraping sound, uncontrolled but come
back again into structured composition. first track is
inspired by a book from michel foucault, but i haven't
written any other comments to it in the layout. my
thing! the cassette is giving with a big
wooden-object, it's not painted or smear with dirt as
usual. but a old dirty sheet of cloth is around the
edition of 13
10 euro

note: all orders will be answer after 18.10.2005
from 12.-16.10.2005
Lausanne/Switzerland at LUFF Festival on first day:
dear daniel & michael ..., sudden infant, dave
phillips, karkowski, masonna, daniel menche, lucas
see you in lausanne or later. bye


only 1 copy of these old rare releases from
the nautilus deconstruction:

- the nautilus deconstruction
smiling like a broken window cdr
(the nautilus deconstruction remix milk & chesse.
hallo gallo
recordings, u.k. in 2003 voice, cut ups and lofi noise
collages. sounds a bit like smell & quim? lim.33)
10 euro

- the nautilus deconstruction/rbnx
split tape
(live in slovakia in early 2003 with a short set, one
of the last shows from this very long east european
tour. rbxn is from bratislava and build his own
equitment. nice feedback trouble. released by rbnx,
lim.26 in special package)
10 euro

and 2 more new ramirez releases from other labels:

the sick tour / hinyouki - split 3"cdr
(richard ramirez and a spanish duo)
6 euro

richard ramirez / skin crime - pleasure, commerce &
disease cd
8 euro

posted by: moron on 2005-10-11 09:17:31
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