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Location :: press release :: a :: AKC (experimental industrial band)
Ukraine press release :: AKC (experimental industrial band) :: URL (offsite)


Analysis of Kritical Conditions (eng.) is UA-SE (in part) industrial, psychedelic, experimental project & band.
AKC’ sound it’s a fusion of different genres from synthpop to brutal metal, including industrial, psychedelic, darkwave and electronic music with avant-garde elements.
AKC experimental machine works since 2003 and has five CD’s. Thus, the AKC CD`s are:

1. "Adhesives" (2003)
(rus.-“Клейкие Вещества”)
2. "Haromatizm and Serezhin`s Chemicals" (2005)
(rus.-“Хароматизм и Сережины Химикаты”)
3. "Gokiburi and The Outspace Toad-Beetle Zhlo" (EP, 2009)
(rus.- “Гокибури и Внекосмическая Жаба-Жук Жло”)
4. "14% Solution of Eternity" (2009)
(rus.-“14% Раствор Вечности”)
5. "SHIZOESTETIKA. Of Vampires, Bears and Bees" (2011)
(rus.- "ШИZOESTETИKA. Про Вампиров, Медведей и Пчел")

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and etc.

Watch video:
” ゴキブリ” “Gokiburi(jap.- cockroach)” and etc.

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Waiting for your opinion! ;-)
posted by: ingvaar on 2011-10-22 01:33:17
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