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Before I start this review I would like to apologize to the Bird From The Abyss, because they asked me to review this almost a year ago, and i just now got off my ass, so I want to officially say that I suck, and I'm sorry. Now that self-flagellation is out of the way, on with the review.

"I" is a very interesting and unique record. There are four tracks here, all of moderate length, and each one has it's own sound. The opening tack, "Intro / Beginning At Center Of The Chaos / Azathoth And Flute", is a series of beautiful massive sweeps of slow, heavy funeral doom style distortion and ominous flute playing that actually isn't out of place at all. The next two tracks are less heavy, focusing on two different takes on folk guitar, but with an emphasis on a very rhythmic, almost blues and at times Flamenco style, but darker than those genres.

The final track, "Abdul Alhazred's Anxiety" in ways a combination of all of the previous tracks, with a very catchy clean guiat work meshing with heavy low end guitar and percussion that sounds like bags of glass.

Bird From The Abyss are a very impressive and unique band, and if you are a fan of neo-folk, dark ambient of doom and would like to hear a fresh take on those genres, you will dig what you hear. it's available for free, so you really have no excuse not to check it out. I wish I would have sooner.
posted by: Royce Icon on 2010-02-13 00:36:25
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