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Location :: musical release :: f :: For peole with ears to hear
musical release :: For peole with ears to hear :: URL (offsite)

For People With Ears To Hear, three sound magicians created a special class split album. Lead off by Origami Galactica whose drones of incredible depth and density carrying you off to an enigmatic Blue Meadow Of Haze. After a Transmission Intermezzo, with hypnotic melodic lines, embedded particles of storm and hidden radio signals, one will be taken back to the mysterious floating blue meadows, a collage of excellent wind arrangements layered over hypnotic drones. Next turn to Diskrepant, who is Channeling with gloomy soundscapes of soft falling rain , far away chirk of birds layered in abstract sound environments which change slowly to epic ambient and sinister atmospheres. B°tong, using processed voice, samples of film and radio, builds up a weird sonic trip through experimental Divergence Fields . The fantastic sonic journey ends up with the cinematic soundscape Von Unden, a special mix of Tongdisclactica. The album is available as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

The CDs are exclusively for sale on the European Tour 2011 of Diskrepant, B°tong & Origami Galaktica, which will take place on

8.9. Hamburg - Rote Flora
9.9. Hamburg - Radio Gagarin (radio broadcast)
10.9. Luzern - Sedel (w/ Frontline Assembly)
11.9 Aesch - Kunst ImTschäpperli
13.9. Paris - Le Bouillon Belge
14.9. Berlin - Knochenbox
15.9. Prague - TBA
16.9. Augsburg - Ballonfabrik (w/ Yield & Deep)
18.9. Berlin - Hangar 49 (w/ Effter)
20.9. Brüssel - Café Central

Origami Galaktica:

released 08 September 2011
posted by: kultur on 2011-09-08 08:43:54
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