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Location :: musical artist :: h :: HADAR
musical artist :: HADAR :: URL (offsite)

Post-Industrial Jewish Music: Electronic / Industrial / Neofolk / Ambient / Martial. HADAR�s music is created/composed by Naamah and features occasional guest vocal appearances by Shlomo Yehudah. HADAR is a hasbara project with a goal to spread the idea of Torah, praise of HaShem & support for Medinat Yisrael. All HADAR tracks are related to either a Torah or Talmudic concept, a traditional prayer, or a story within the History of the Jewish People and/or our historical homeland in the Land of Israel. If you are not familiar with the title or concepts presented in the lyrics of any HADAR song, I encourage you to consult a Rabbi, or if one is unavailable, look them up for yourself on a reliable Jewish website such as , , or
posted by: noctis on 2011-12-23 06:37:53
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