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Conceptual album. 2007. Vladimír Hirsch – composition, all instruments, electronics, programming, mix, Kenji Siratori – lyrics, voice. Album in cosmogonic wide open space, but replete of dense and compressed atmosphere, microtonality and intense insight into amorphic harmonic structures. This is one of Vladimír Hirsch’s albums working with the theme of the dialogue between space and detail, cosmos and human. The parallel vertically and horizontally organized chaotic atonal melodic elements contrast with the slow, heavy rhythmical patterns and monotonic and emotionally plain expression of the spoken word of Japanese cyber-punk writer Kenji Siratori’s lyrics. The Japanese text is highly experimental, uncompromising, and intense, written in a style that not only breaks with tradition, but severs all cords with it, embracing the mayhem of the digital age.

Release :
DIG (© 2013 SuRRism PhonoEthics - sPE_132)
CDR (© 2008 Integrated Music Records - Catch 059)


1 Genetic Doctrine
2 Dark Placenta
3 Crypt Virus
4 Orbit Affected
5 Transfiguration
6 Babel
posted by: shark on 2014-05-07 08:26:55
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