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Location :: musical release :: h :: HCR 031/Xtul ‎– Ardhanārīśvara
musical release :: HCR 031/Xtul ‎– Ardhanārīśvara :: URL (offsite)

Label:Human Cross Records ‎– HCR 031
Format:CDr, Album, Limited Edition
Released:Dec 2015
Style:Drone, Dark Ambient, Noise

1.Ardhanārīśvara 30:00

Electronics – Enrique R. Palma, Javier Beci

Ardhanārīśvara is a thirty minute piece comprised of slow resonating harsh electronic drone waves rendered directly unto cassette tape. Unfolding layers of shadowy metallic overtones walk in a decrepit yet industrious path of signals destined to hail the mysterious composite dual form of Shiva and Parvati as one androgynous, synthesized god-form.

Artwork [Cover] is product of Xtul.
Editions limited to 30 copies.
posted by: neueurform on 2016-02-08 07:24:39
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