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Location :: label :: f :: Facthedral's Hall
label :: Facthedral's Hall :: URL (offsite)

Facthedral's Hall label was created in 1997 as independent label of electronic & experimental music. First releases were released on cassette & CD-R. The label is based at Martigues (south of France).

In 2000, the first Facthedral Hall's site is created to promote and sell its catalog, then serves as promotional platform to artists inspired by the electro Indus, noise, ambient, dub, hip-hop, punk, metal, drum & bass,... scenes, by creating individual pages of presentation (off line today), tracks to be downloaded free of charge, and the distribution of their records.

From 2002 till 2004, Facthedral's Hall took the status of association law 1901, dissolved for lack of strength (what explains partially the quantity very limited by copies made for every disk) and of activities.

In December 2004, the F.H. forum is created to make more connections between fans and players of the underground cultures. Between 2004 and 2005, several electronic music evenings were organized on Marseille. Also, the label publishes its first virtual release, "Full Screen Apology" album by Sizzle, dematerialized under the form of a dedicated website which contains the music & the artwork.

In 2006 CD productions is stopped, and F.H. continues to evolve under the shape of a netlabel. The site serves mainly as cultural collective portal, by accommodating artists sites friend, while continuing to give the ancient catalog of the label in free download.

Since 2009, F.H. label continues to produce records, essentially in Digital Downloads, like the virtual & conceptual "La Poca Lips - Survivors 12/22" compilation, published 12/22012 at morning under a new dedicated website.

In 2016, "Dark Waves for Little Greys" by Deadrow77 becomes the first manufactured production on CD, limited to 500 copies.
posted by: Facthedral on 2016-02-10 17:24:32
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