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review :: moron

Of all the live footage I have seen through the years, two gigs definitely stand out further than a corpse's erection. There's this Anal Cunt show from Poland that gets me grinning wider than the crack of my ass, the crowd surfing guitarist ripping off insanely manic solos with one hand while he punches various crowd members in the face with the other. The other standout is the final GG Allin gig in New York where a crazed GG acts like scat covered pied piper leading a parade of unwanted sleazy hangers on through the streets desperately trying to evade the coppers and get his fix. Now thanks to this Eugenics Council video, the number of vids sharing that same exclusive rack space is up to three.

I lost count after the first hour and a half or so but this vid includes a mind numbing amount of footage, close to three hours worth. Having so many gigs crammed together in fact makes this seem just a little like a TV serial redux, the best moments of a gajillion episodes crammed into one three hour whiz bang of nightmare special. You got the intra-member violence, you got the explosions, you got the molten metal, you got pure SKREEEEEEE! I have honestly never watched a live gig that I was less disappointed by - i.e. this is the real deal folks.

Anyone can pick up some powertools in the safety of a huge warehouse art space (and you will see some of that here) but it takes a special kinda artistic dementia cum fearlessness to move the body shop into some unwary kids basement rec room. We are talking real fucking commitment here, not just common and pedestrian externally directed hatred and distaste but an equal helping of no fear death wish that will knock the clove cigarettes and poetry books out of the hands of every faux intellectual within several city blocks upon airing. I used to think I was kinda tough for a faked castration stunt I used to pull in an earlier band of mine but fake blood washes off and these folks will be pulling shards of aluminum out of their hides well into the environmentally induced Alzheimers that they are no doubt now looking forward to.

The quality of the footage varies pretty wildly, a lot of X-Files dark scenes suddenly lit by the spray of sparks from a mig welder but still, quite a number of the shows (the best ones in fact) are totally acceptable. Sound is pretty lo-fi but still intense and generated the most satisfying third party facial expression I have seen in ages when a not so noise copasetic associate happened to be over during the initial viewing. Screeching vocal feedback, resonant oscillators into tight digital delay, caustic scraping metal and the smash crash boom of a self-deconstructing car compactor. Relentless, unforgiving and the absolute butt ugliest of ugly American misanthropy.

The instrumentation these folks use is definitely worth mention. Besides the various drills and grinders which had my labourer roommate clutching his digits against his chest in phantom pain, you get the odd quarter stick of dynamite made into a make shift cannon by being tossed into an open oil drum, tear gas, you know, the usual boring stuff (yeah right). My personal fave however is the mig welder. In case you don't know what that is, a mig welder works by creating a high current electrical short, something you normally desperately avoid happening. They use a similar principle to melt aluminum - think really high current and molten metal hot. Put your wet little dinky into the 220V dryer power outlet for 3 months and you will kinda get the idea. I honestly kept expecting riot cops to come running in, guns ablaze for every one of these gigs, they get that crazy at times.

The first gig on the tape is definitely the standout though. Again, fearless inappropriateness makes its debut in some judgement challenged roommates second floor apartment parlour room. You can smell the nervous anxiety dripping off the walls as the chaos and vitriol starts ramping up and away out of control. Rosemary Malign wanders aimlessly about screeching incoherently about some Whitehouseesque bedtime story while the Eugenics Council gang go all Ranxerox on each other with spark shooting grinders, then the crowd, then each other again until a few well timed explosives blow out the windows and send everyone running away in search of unpolluted oxygen. Getting shit kicked by the band members is the very least of your worries, you are lucky not to end up needing eye surgery and a blood transfusion after one of these gigs. Even SRL is safer since at least you are off in the bleachers and they certainly don't want to lose their corporate sponsorship. It is 100% totally fucking nuts. And about the purest form of the industrial genre you are likely to ever lose your hearing to. You and I will just have to get over it that we'll never be this fucking cool or honest.

posted by: moron on 2002-05-26 17:55:26
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