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I have to admit, I've been rather burnt out on harsh noise as of recently. It just gets so frustrating, listening to the same sets of sounds over and over, when everything just blends into one another and once you listen to the first 5 minutes, you've basically heard the whole album. I am completely aware how asinine of an generalization that is, and that it applies for all genres of music, but still, it pisses me off. I really love harsh noise at it's best, but so many of the groups just keep dishing out the same generic records. Maybe I'm just a deaf shit eating ass pimple, but it's how I feel.

Having said that, I should point out that this Nkondi and Cementimental split cassette is a pretty good release. But I'm not going to deny it suffers from some of the previously ranted about symptoms of mediocrity, an overall felling of 'I've heard this a million times before'. But what it lacks in originality, it certainty makes up for in terms of overall energy and ardor. these guys aren't laying on their asses, there is some serious knob tweakage involved here, and i wouldn't be surprised if someone hurt a finger in the process. From the opening Cementimental tracks to the last Nkondi piece, this is one screeching feedback demon that never takes a rest in between collecting souls.

My favorite piece here is the second cementimental track, 'An orange stolen by a computer chip', because, oddly, it aptly describes what it sounds like. Squeaky synth noises flying over your head at 1000 miles per second, rubbery and fruity, like if a synth ate an orange tree and threw it's contents at passing pedestrians. The rest of the cementimental material has a similar spastic feel to it, if a bit less juicy. As for a preferred Nkondi track, I don't really have one, it's all pretty solid stuff. Hissing pedal noise that swirls through your bones like a power drill on crack, exploding with feedback similar to the sound of a cat being raped, only louder and more distorted.

This split won't make your jaw flop to the floor and surround you in a puddle of blood, but you will definitely drool a lot and have a serious nose bleed after repeat listens.
posted by: Royce Icon on 2004-07-18 20:06:45
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