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Location :: hardcopy magazine :: r :: Rigodon
Netherlands hardcopy magazine :: Rigodon :: URL (offsite)

Rigodon is published in cooperation with the Anima Mal Nata label. It's a paper zine about noise, experimental music, art-brut, underground comix, mail-art etc.. About everything we are interested in. It contains interviews, drawings, articles and information. We decided to make a paper zine because that's what we like, and there are not many (at least not good enough) good paper zines about the subjects we're interested in. There are webzines of course but we don't like to read webzines. No offence, maybe some are very good, it's just that we want to touch a zine, get it by mail and read it where ever we want. Not behind a screen.
If you think you make music or drawings or whatever that might be interesting for Rigodon, please contact us. If your product is reviewed we can e-mail you the review but we do not obligate ourselves to send out free zines to anyone who send us material for reviews. If your artwork submission is used we will send you a free zine.
posted by: pascal hament on 2005-09-29 04:24:37
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