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Fourth Annual Noise! Festival

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Location: 50/50 Arts Collective 2516 Douglas St.

2PM to the wee hours

$10 all day / $5 vids

advance tickets available at Ditch Records

DIY production house PR Martyr is proud to announce that the fourth annual Noise! festival will be taking place here in Victoria, B.C., Canada on Saturday, May 28, 2005. The festival is an all day event focussing on (surprise) noise based musics and media and will be featuring the talents of artists from Canada and the US creating sounds ranging from harsh digital noise to strange ambient to crazy performance art to outsider freakout and back again. Decent PA, video projection, merch table and lots and lots of noise. This is the real deal.

T-shirts as well as DVD-Rs of the 2004 Noise! festival will be available for purchase at this event or can be had via Deterrent Industries.

contact: (250) 360-0372
snailmail: box 8021 / Victoria, B.C. / V8W 3R7 / Canada (label ATTN: pr martyr)